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Turn any photo into a car magnet
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Custom Photo car magnet
So instead of picking a generic car magnet to represent your superstar,  how about displaying your actual superstar.

We can turn any photo into a custom magnet.  We can (usually) cut out single people from photos or use the whole/part of the photo.
We can make it into a simple circle with text outside,  or we can contour cut the magnet around the subject.

Prices will vary depending on the quality of the photo and the final size you want for the magnet.  Contact me for exact quote.

The price listed here will be for a 4" diameter photo with text around  (as seen with the volleyball player)

Magnets can be created with the following two colors:
  • Silver magnet with black detail
  • Gold magnet with black detail

Warning:  Automatic car washes like to eat car magnets....remember to remove them before entering the automatic car wash.
Turn any photo into a car magnet
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